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Hit and Miss, which also known as pailing fencing, are fixed are custom made wooden panels that are made using finest timber sourced from all over the UK. They allow the wind to flow through which is ideal for areas that are particularly subjected to the elements or for areas which require good air circulation. You can also choose to have double hit and miss if you wish to create a bit more privacy whilst still allowing the wind to circulate. They provide a stylish feel to complement your garden or driveway.

Over the years we have built up extensive experience with erecting fencing for our customers around Chesterfield, Nottingham, Sheffield and surrounding areas. Whether you want to install a new fence around your perimeter for aesthetic reasons or you want more security for your property then we can help you.  We supply hit and miss fencing panels for you to buy so that you can erect your own fence or replace damaged panels should you not want us to install a fence for you. Give us a shout and we can go through our styles, pricing and delivery options. Below in our Hit and Miss fencing gallery you can see the bespoke fencing panels, posts and plinth that have been custom made by us for our customers around Chesterfield, Nottingham and Sheffield.

If hit and miss fencing panels arn't your cup of tea and don't fit in with the style you are going for then you might prefer a different style of fencing. We also provide wooden vertilap fencing panels. Take a look at the vertilap fencing section of our site to find out more about them.

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